Sensual and Erotic massage in Warsaw

Have you ever wanted to receive a deeply sensual and erotic massage? If so, visit our Tsambika salon in Warsaw. Our masseuses will help you to relax and relieve your tension. They will use various techniques to interact with each and every part of your body. You will have a great opportunity to explore your sexuality, expand your horizons and experience a completely satisfying pleasure. We will do our absolute best to make your visit unforgettable. You will come out of our salon ready to tackle daily tasks and pursue your dreams.

Sensual and erotic massage at Tsambika salon in Warsaw – what can you expect?

Our masseuses have the skills essential to give a sensual and erotic massage. They use many complex sets of moves with different paces and pressure. You can expect a gradual stimulation of your body with intimate areas included. The goal is to build up sexual tension inside your body to release it in the end. This powerful treatment will result in a feeling of great fulfillment and satisfaction.

The interior of our salon is carefully designed to stimulate all of your senses. We achieve this in many ways. There will be soothing ambient music to help you get in the mood and effectively calm down your nerves. You will smell beautiful fragrances from our exotic oils and scented candles. Also, atmospheric lights will subtly illuminate the place to make you feel more intimate and sensitive. We take care of every detail to be sure that you will receive your sensual and erotic massage in a beautiful entourage.

Receive a wonderful erotic experience at Tsambika salon in Warsaw

If you’re interested in getting a deeply sensual massage in Warsaw, you can pay us a visit at Tsambika. You choose the length of your erotic session – it can last for 1, 1,5 or even 2 hours. Our place is very easy to get to so you will be able to come without any trouble. You can book a visit through a phone or apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. We will help you to relieve all of your stress and relax after a hard day’s work. Call us now!


  • 1 HOUR – 350 PLN / 100 $ / 90 €
  • 1.5 HOURS – 500 PLN / 125 $ / 110 €
  • 2 HOURS – 650 PLN / 170 $ / 150 €
  • COUPLE / 4 HANDS – 650 PLN / 170 $ / 150 €
erotic sensual  massage in Warsaw
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