If you want to regenerate and relieve stress completely, you can get a full body massage in our Tsambika salon in Warsaw. This powerful treatment focuses on every major area of the body: neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. It’s a long and fulfilling therapeutic experience. Our masseuses will find certain spots that are known to be especially tense. We will effectively ease your pain and help you to regenerate. A session in Tsambika will do wonders after a tough day at work or other overwhelming occurences.

Why should you try a full body massage at Tsambika salon in Warsaw?

You can consider getting a massage of your full body for many different reasons. Our masseuses have amazing skills and take inspiration from Japanese, Thai and ancient Hindu practices. They know really well how to relieve your tension entirely through moves of various paces and pressure. Each part of your body will get an excellent treatment during which we will take care of every detail. You will come out of Tsambika regenerated and with a positive attitude.

The interior of our salon plays an important role in the overall experience. Lights and candles illuminate the place to give you a feeling of intimacy and sensuality. There’s some ambient music in the background and in the air, you can smell the wonderful scents of our moisturizing oils. You will lay down in a comfortable position and receive a full body massage in surroundings that stimulate your senses effectively. It will be a consistent experience that will surely meet all your expectations.

Relax and regenerate at Tsambika massage salon – full body massage in Warsaw

If you’re interested in receiving a thorough massage of your full body, visit our salon in Warsaw. You can get a 1, 1,5 or 2 hours session. There’s even an option to get a treatment from two of our masseuses at once. We will gladly adjust to all your needs and wishes. You will leave our place with a feeling of complete refreshment and energy to face your daily duties. You can sign up via phone, Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber. Give us a call!


  • 1 HOUR – 350 PLN / 100 $ / 90 €
  • 1.5 HOURS – 500 PLN / 125 $ / 110 €
  • 2 HOURS – 650 PLN / 170 $ / 150 €
  • COUPLE / 4 HANDS – 650 PLN / 170 $ / 150 €
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